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Our french marketing agency is dedicated to generate high-value leads for our clients. Our digital efforts have resulted in significant sales and revenue growth for the companies we work with.

Our company believe pressing challenges deserve unique solutions. Growth Hacking is a unique combination of a science and an art; and it’s something we are very adept at! It might be a relatively new term in the world of digital media, but it’s one that is seeing massive traction. Growth hacking is the process experimenting with a wide variety of businnes channels, before settling on the most efficient and cost-effective option.

French Growth Hacking company

As a result of our expertise, our clients’ turnouver increase by 27% per year

Lead generation on the french market

Is growth hacking the right strategy for you? Well, that’s sort of like asking if increased profits are good for a business! Start-ups and businesses are a part of an increasingly competitive landscape.

They need to grow rapidly, and still remain budget conscious. This is where our french marketing agency can help to developp your business in France. Digital communication has become essential because traditional marketing and digital efforts might not be as inexpensive as they once were; making it difficult to scale your business solely relying on those methods. Growth Hacking can combine several out-of-the-box guerrilla business techniques with regular ones to deliver the required results.

Why Choose our french marketing company ?

As fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, we understand that your business needs innovative, yet cost-effective ways to find and retain customers. As a start-up, your prime objective is probably to generate massive growth on a small budget.

Online advertising demands in-depth experience across various marketing channels, which is what we bring to the table. As a team of intelligent and skilled marketers, our process usually begins with brainstorming different ‘growth hacks’ and ‘strategies’ to put your business in front of the target audience.

This is usually followed by testing, and monitoring the results of our experiments. The rest of the Growth Hacking process entails ‘rinse and repeat’ of what brought about the best set of results. To get the best results, we test a wide range of marketing channels such as Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, Conversion Optimization, Social Media and Email Marketing. We provide also market research on French and European market.

We incorporate the following points in our process :

As mentioned earlier, growth hacking requires a fair degree of innovation, along with a desire to do something your competitors aren’t thinking of. At Smart Web Group, we’ve got innovation aplenty, and we’re all set to apply it to your business!


Experimentation is the fundamental principle behind growth hacking. However, to be able to successfully experiment, you need hands on experience with a wide range of tools. At Smart Web Group we leverage that in-depth knowledge of various marketing technologies to provide you and your business with the best possible outcome.

Rest assured we will provide you with a growth hacking plan that is sustainable in the long run, and will provide you with continued results without actually breaking the bank!
Analysis & Reporting
Data analysis and constant monitoring is required when it comes to Growth Hacking. This is to ensure that there is never wastage of valuable resources like time and money. We provide you with comprehensive reports with regards to our Growth Hacking efforts so that you can monitor the results, and understand what’s working (and what isn’t!). Discover how our Growth Hacking services have helped many international companies grow their business in France ! Are you interested in availing french growth hacking solutions for your business? Book a free consultation with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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