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Link Building in France & press relations


Do you need to buy high quality French backlinks ? Do you want to outrank bloggers that are top of the search rankings? Quality and legitimacy of this formidable mesh are the basis of the algorithm allowing Google to rank sites in its results. Thanks to the blogging partners at our SEO agency, you can strengthen your ranking in Google by creating new backlinks to your website. A backlink (do follow) is like a recommendation by other websites, a relevant link from an authority site is rewarded by Google and will increase your ranking. Better than a link buying platform, our SEO agency will connect you with the right choice of websites and anchors to implement a sustainable and effective strategy for your website.

Buy High Quality French backlinks

Want to target the French market with public relations? The basis of Google’s algorithm, allows it to rank the pages of websites according to their popularity. These are external links (backlinks) pointing to a site that create the popularity of a website. Google considers that more external links, means the more popular the website is, and therefore legitimate to be well positioned in its search results. Our SEO agency exploits what is still considered a weakness of Google’s algorithm to naturally increase the number of links pointing to a particular site. Today, netlinking is still one of the key elements of a good SEO strategy, however Google has since deployed filters to penalize webmasters who would try to manipulate its algorithm.

French link building for quality backlinks

With our french SEO agency, our netlinking / linkbuilding service involves:

  • Following Google guidelines: The link campaign must be as natural as possible, and a backlink must be legitimate. Otherwise, Google may at any time impose an “SEO penalty” that results in a loss of positions or even simple disappearance from the serps. Contact us to get a quote for French blogger outreach with dofollow links.
  • Deploying sustainable actions : With the idea of protecting your business in mind, all netlinking / link building actions carried out by our SEO agency allow positive and lasting benefits for your visibility.

Link building and public relations for the french market

  • Controlling the technical performance of your website
  • Optimizing your editorial content
  • Leveraging your Social Networks to gain traction

For each netlinking campagn, our SEO consultant will identify quality websites, and then place a contextualized backlink to your website.

As a result of our expertise, our clients’ turnouver increase by 27% per year

Link Building and Blogger Outreach Services

Our French link building agency carefully selects its sources to ensure that the backlinks/referrer domains ratio is respected. Depending on your needs and your budget, we will set up an efficient and sustainable link building service. We will carefully examine the following indicators: Traffic SEM Rush, Trust Flow (Majestic Flow), thematic site.

  • Link Building Audit : Our SEO tools allow us to review your existing backlinks. Thus, we analyze the quality of the sources, the number of links, their content, the anchors and the theme of the sites. Through this audit, we will adapt your backlinks creation strategy, and implement a link building strategy tailored to each client.
  • High quality backlinks : With regards to the off-site part of SEO strategy, link building is based upon obtaining different backlinks of quality from different websites (directories, blogs, press etc).
  • Best Bloggers outreach : Our experience in French netlinking strategies has enabled us to build a solid network of thematic blogs (fashion, travel, real estate etc). Our netlinking agency is in contact with bloggers, journalists as well as administrations, which allows us to obtain articles on their website.

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