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    French SEO & PPC Marketing

    Our french SEO company wants to change the way international companies think about marketing on Google. Our SMART METHODOLOGY is based on an ethical, transparent and efficient service (monthly action plan, dedicated SEO consultant, pre-defined deliverables, KPIs to track results etc). SmartWeb Group is one of the top SEO agencies in France allowing websites to rank on the first page of Google. Since 2010, 97% of our clients have renewed their trust following a first collaboration.

    Our company’s intervention consists in meeting the various quality requirements to rank itself on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends on many quality factors so that your website is legitimate to position itself on the first page. And to determine the quality of a website, Google has established precise criteria such as popularity, technical reliability, quality of the content as well as the use of the website by the user (UX). The testimonials of our clients are the guarantee of our expertise in SEO (audit, content, linkbuilding). Transparency, commitment and expertise are our priorities. We know how important good SEO is to develop your business.

    SEO Audit

    In our customer approach, our SEO agency is committed to offering SEO services tailored and adapted to the needs of each. Commitment, trust, efficiency, ambition and innovation are the values that make us SEO and web marketing professionals. 

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    As a french SEA agency, we start by analyzing your historical performance on Adwords, Bing and Facebook Ads. Then, we define together achievable objectives over a period of 3 to 6 months. 

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    Link Building

    The link building represents all links pointing to a site from other sites. The diversity, quality and legitimacy of this formidable mesh is the basis of the algorithm allowing Google to rank sites in its results. 

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    Since 2010, 97% of our customers have renewed their trust following an initial collaboration.

    French SEO Services



    Our SEO company is based in Cannes (France), we propose concrete and effective SEO strategies. We strive to satisfy each client by providing quality work through personalized support.

    We offer high quality marketing services :

    As a result of our expertise, our clients’ turnouver increase by 27% per year

    Best French SEO Company

    Since 2010, our french SEO agency allows international companies to reinforce their positioning on the french market. We design and deploy a tailor-made and sustainable Google search engine optimization strategy.

    The advantages of SEO are multiple:

    Support your marketing campaigns

     You use other levers than the web to communicate? Your website is a great marketing tool to enhance their impact if it is on Google’s first page.

    Strengthen your local reputation

    When an Internet user carries out a geolocalized search in France, 80% of these people contact or visit the professional found in this way within 24 hours following the search.

    Work on your e-reputation

    Increase visibility on the internet has a positive influence on your e-reputation.

    Getting ahead of the competition

    Why leave the field clear for your competitors? Don’t wait to be placed in front of them on Google. Our Google search engine optimization agency offers professionals the opportunity to increase their visibility on the Internet, regardless of the size of their business. Do as many customers who trust us, choose our french SEO company which positions itself at your side as a trusted partner and whose sole objective is your success.

    SEO Company #1 in France

    If you are not yet visible on Google.fr, benefit from the expertise of our SEO agency specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google, our know-how is recognized in France and internationally.

    Our SEO strategy is based on several key points:

    SEO Audit

    Any presence on the web deserves to be affirmed and noticed. If you want to assess the factors that hinder the visibility results you were expecting, you should carry out an SEO audit. At SmartWeb Group, we provide this expertise in order to better think about your online business in France.

    French Linkbuilding

    Do you need high quality backlinks to boost your french top keywords ? Take advantage of our SEO expertise and our large network of blogs partners to optimise your visibility on Google in France.

    French Copywriting

    Do you want to attract more people to your website to get your web performance off the ground? Know that web copywriting is an obligatory bridge to your goals. At Smart Web, we create quality content to efficiently feed your website.

    E-Reputation in France

    To assess the reputation of a company, product or person, Internet user often relies on the opinions, comments and criticisms of previous customers. If you yourself recognise the importance of building a laudatory e-reputation in France, you owe it to yourself to take the necessary steps now. SmartWeb Group, your french SEO agency, offers you its expertise in this field.

    Would you like to know what our clients think? Discover our reviews certified by Trust Pilot.

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